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Hair Trends


Covid 19

Ronda has been stylist to thousands of people through the years. From San Francisco to Cape Cod. Her insight with the psychology of hair and every man and woman's self image is a gift.

Be Natural!

Women: let her go gray. It's beautiful. Wear earrings or other jewelry, this is where the eye will flow. 


 Be brave and cut it all off. No mess, no worries. You would be surprised how liberating this can be.


Men: Let it grow out. Beard and all. Start playing with beard, mustache, side burn styles. Let your hair grow long. The focus will be on your facial hair. Great trick.

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How to Choose Best Hair Color?

Pick the right Hair Stylist! Hair by Ronda - Cow Hollow


Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone, tastes, likes and dislikes is an art. You can really take it to extreme and hate it or consider it the best thing you've done in your life! It all depends on the Hair Stylist you choose and how honest they are. Some stylists tell you what you want to hear, some say, "it's really up to you", or there's the "let's try something new and exciting."

No matter which words come out of Ronda that day, one thing you can be guaranteed, it will be be perfect hair coloring. Experience, continued education, and a certain maturity follow these scissors and color no matter where they go.

From Harpers Bizarre to San Francisco Ronda's Chair...

Ronda has her own ideas, Harper's Bizarre has what's hot in 2022/23 and you have a mind of your own...You've come to the right place.

• The Shag is back in!

• Super Layered Hair

• Bangs or Not

• Baby Bangs

• Balayage brown hair Color

• Your Individual Trend You've Developed, please share!

• Play, Fun, Create

Hair Cut

Back in the chair

With the reopening of Salons throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad, knowledge is power.

A great Stylist with 6 Mistakes to Avoid is Lifesaving. Here is a recommended article.

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